What I Read Online – 03/29/2012 (p.m.)

30 Mar
    • Thus building people must be more important philosophically than building buildings.
    • Because the church is a people, the church needs a place to meet. That place could be the catacombs, a park, or a public school (except here). But at minimum the meeting place should be (a) accessible to its members and the community at large, (b) large enough to house its members and some guests from the community, (c) compliant with the laws of the land for such meeting places, and (d) sufficient for the purposes of the church’s gathering (e.g., the proclamation of the Word, corporate worship, evangelizing, and discipling).
    • Because the church is often people with children, the church likely needs a place for them, too.
    • Because the church as a people reflects the glory of God, the church’s meeting place ought to reflect well on his character.
    • God created beauty for us to enjoy. We can’t sacrifice everything on the altar of beauty, but if the finished product is not beautiful, then we’ve failed to reflect his glory.
    • Issues like this are certainly matters for church elders to consider. After all, there are a thousand good items–and a dozen or so necessary ones–that the church may spend its money on. But we must not mistake utilitarianism for spirituality. I think we’re far more susceptible to under-spend on our buildings out of an ungodly utilitarianism rather than over-spend out of an excessive spirit.

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