What I Read Online – 03/29/2012 (a.m.)

29 Mar
    • As you read this, you may be the kind of person who sees “missional” and immediately thinks “socialist.”  Or you may be the kind of person who sees “missional” and immediately thinks of crawling out of a drainage ditch in your (insert Christian College) t-shirt and bandana in Africa where you just solved groundwater problems for an entire village.  This means you’re probably either a college student or the editor of a Christian College alumni magazine.  Or you may be a publishing executive, thinking that putting together the right combination of young author-plus-faux-distressed-cover (remember the faux-duct-tape craze in Christian publishing, circa 2008?)-bearing-the-word-“missional” will equal booming sales.  All of that to say that it may not matter a whole lot what the word means, as much as it matters who is benefiting from the word and how they are benefiting.
    • The squiggly red line appearing under the word “missional” in Microsoft Word is proof that it’s not yet a real word as much as it’s more of a brand name, like Kleenex, that has sort of become a real word in the vernacular of evangelicals.
    • No. But Calvinism is a useful tool for jerky people to act like jerks.


    • The problem is not predestination. It’s pride
    • But if the Calvinist cause is Christ, the beliefs we hold have been revealed to us, and what we see is grace upon grace all for the glory of God, then we of all people ought to be meek instead of mean, humble instead of haughty, and joyous instead of jerky.

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