What I Read Online – 03/26/2012 (p.m.)

27 Mar
    • Arguments against “depraved genres” are ultimately arguments against redemption itself, because depraved genres are the products of depraved human beings, who need redemption.
    • Without a question, it’s the holiness of God. Our culture assumes the love, mercy and grace of God. But none of those glorious truths make sense apart from understanding that God is infinitely holy.
    • Art for the church is art being used as a support for and pointer to the ministry of prayer and the word. For instance, all of the aesthetic choices made in a typical Sunday gathering of believers (music, architecture, interior design, graphics, etc.) would fall into this category. It would also apply to any Christian artist whose goal is the encouragement and edification of the church. Art from the church is the Christian artist who has been called vocationally as salt and light in the dark world of the arts as a representative of Jesus Christ in his/her particular field of expertise. We should not expect art from the church to be explicitly Christ-centered or gospel focused. Yet, these works should never ultimately contradict a biblical worldview. The first step towards these groups getting along is recognizing the necessity and value of the other group. This will come as pastors instruct their congregations so that these categories will be clear in their minds.
    • It’s called Jesus Kids and it’s intended to help parents teach their kids theology.
    • Just because a woman may not be preaching to a mixed congregation does not mean she isn’t to think of herself as a Bible teacher. Others at times may think of her primarily as a counsellor or administrator, but if she is someone in Word ministry she needs to be clear—and her pastor does too—that she is a Bible teacher.
    • If a woman thinks of herself as a Bible teacher, then God’s word should set the agenda for her ministry. This ought to result in a Christ-centred ministry, rather than one that is self-focused or one that is problem-centred.
    • It’s also helpful to remember that there is a false dichotomy when we try and separate Bible teaching and pastoral care, as if we have to choose to do one or the other. Bible teaching in its many and varied forms is the greatest form of pastoral care we can give to others.
    • It is a common problem that in any given week for those in vocational ministry, whether male or female, very little of their time is spent in evangelism. So what can a woman do? When I was on a staff team in parish ministry, I found it very helpful to lead Christianity Explored. The church advertised it constantly, rather than having the mentality of “We’ll wait and see if anyone is interested and then we’ll start a course”. Being regularly involved helped me see God at work, and reminded me that the gospel is powerful to change and save people.

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