What I Read Online – 03/20/2012 (p.m.)

21 Mar
    • I try to read The Briefing each month (now that it’s free online).  In all honesty it drives me round the bend. It’s Australian, which is  bad enough, but it’s also pragmatism gone mad.The usual things come up  every few months: ‘Worship is all of life, not what we do in church’,  ‘How can we do church better?’, ‘Get better meetings’, ‘Why small groups  are the key thing to the whole of life’, ‘Whatever you do don’t keep  the Lord’s Day, you Pharisee’ (it’s the equivalent of Ref21’s bringing  up of celebrity culture!). For all my mocking of The Briefing, it is  insightful and makes me think. There’s a freshness to the way they  write.  One thing that I do miss not getting the print copy are the  incessant adverts by Matthias Media for their own products. Rarely has  someone preached to the converted like Matthias Media. It is remarkable  how seemingly every single one of their books has won the much coveted  ‘Australian Christian book of the Year
    • Go deep into the Scriptures
    • Know yourself
    • Keep an eye on cultural and social trends
    • Stand firm on your principles
    • Don’t be afraid of new ideas
    • Treasure your family and friends.
    • Extend the boundaries of your fellowship beyond the boundaries of your theology
    • Give yourself to your work wholeheartedly
    • Above all, love Jesus Christ
    • Hodge was not without his faults and shortcomings. He was opposed to slavery but against immediate emancipation. He limited the role of women to domestic activity. He was raised fatherless and had a strained relationship with his mother, feeling hurt that she never acknowledged his success. Despite his failings, William Shedd was correct in his assessment when he said, “Dr. Hodge has done more for Calvinism than any other man in America.”

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