What I Read Online – 03/20/2012 (a.m.)

20 Mar
    • “Be mindful of the little things you do day to day so that they do not undo what I have spent all day working on.” 


    • As I talk to pastors and aspiring ones about why this is a struggle, there seems to be a universal answer, “I do not know why it is hard to do, it just is.”  I am sympathetic to this answer as there was a time where I experienced this same awkward, intangible, uneasiness in approaching my wife to pray for her with her.  I think there is an intimacy and vulnerability in a husband’s effort to care for his wife in this way that is uncomfortable for most men and pastors fall prey to this also.
    • JUST DO IT! 
    • Write an email during the day or leave a hand written note for her early in the morning before you leave saying how much you love and appreciate her.


      – Make a random phone call during the day with no agenda except to let her know that you were thinking of her and missed her.


      – Remind her in some way how grateful you are that she so faithfully cares for your home and children while you are busy with ministry responsibilities.


      – When the busyness lightens, plan a time for her to get out and get a break while you watch the kids.

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