What I Read Online – 03/15/2012 (a.m.)

15 Mar
    • Our calling is not complete until we, like Paul, can know that we have finished our course
    • The great intellectual transformation of recent decades produced a generation that is not hostile to all claims of truth, but is highly selective about what kinds of truth it is willing to receive
    • In other words, this generation will face the continual challenge of making clear that the gospel is not merely interesting, not merely meaningful, but true
    • The church is charged with one central mission – the gospel and the making of disciples from all the nations. But those disciples are to be taught all that Christ commands, and that requires the demonstration of the gospel in acts of justice and righteousness that reveal the presence of Christ’s kingdom.


    • The current debates among evangelicals have reached a vital point – the intersection of Genesis and the gospel. We must affirm that the gospel requires a clear affirmation of the historicity of Adam and Eve and the historical reality of the Fall. The Bible’s metanarrative of Creation, Fall, Redemption, and New Creation requires the historical reality of God’s work in every movement of the story.
    • One thing is clear – the church has to learn how to speak honestly and courageously about sexual morality, but also to speak with true gospel humility
    • But the problem is clear – the New Testament excludes any inclusivist or universalistic rendering of the gospel of Christ. We are simply left no option but the full force of Christ’s claims. If we are not faithful in defining the gospel, we will avoid offending people at the cost of misleading them – a failure with eternal consequences
    • While boys have to be taught to be protective of their sisters, girls have to be taught to expect that protection
    • Boys should be taught that they are to protect their sisters “from the dragon,” and the very first thing this means is that they must refrain from turning into the dragon themselves. When the protector turns into the very thing that protection is needed from, the result for the girl involved is nightmarish
    • It is this that feeds the temptation to resentment — first of her brother, then her father (who does not intervene), and then of men generally
    • There may be times when such a one should be taken down a few notches, but the main effort in every family should be to get the boys to achieve more, not less, and to achieve more on behalf of others, sacrificing themselves for others.
    • Feed a boy with respect (from parents and sisters) and you will find that this makes him less boastful, not more. And the more he is respected for standing straight, the straighter he will stand
    • The worst thing (for real men) about being unmanly is the damage that is done to the women as a result. This is the hardest thing for him to learn, and it is essential for him to learn it. If you crater, if you give way to temptation, then other people will suffer. The sooner boys learn that most victimless crimes leave wreckage for other people in their wake, the better it is for everyone
    • If he is being taught by wise parents (and if she is), then she will be able to respect him in his repentance
    • Encyclopaedia Britannica says it will stop publishing print editions of its flagship encyclopedia.


      The Chicago-based company announced on Tuesday that the encyclopedia would not be available in book form for the first time in 244 years. The company will continue to publish digital versions.

    • Older does not automatically mean “wiser” but in many cases it does.  The young might be more theologically astute, but they have yet to raise children who serve the Lord in adulthood
    • Many of the elderly who were once work horses in the church, cannot do what they once did and they begin to feel useless
    • Regardless how they got there, when you meet a 70, 80, 90-year-old Christian still following Jesus, still reading his word, still trying to grow in godliness, and still a part of his church, that is worth celebrating

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