What I Read Online – 03/06/2012 (a.m.)

06 Mar
    • My point is this: one of the consequences of the internet-trained brain seems to be an inability to hide very much – not much of the Word of God, to be sure – in our hearts. That results in a crippling weakness in the battle for godliness.
    • Do you flick to BibleWorks or Logos, pull up some Scripture text on your e-platform and do a quick search? Was it ever stored in your heart? Are you looking merely for a reminder, or have you become so accustomed to ready accessibility and easy search that you no longer bother storing it in your heart, unconsciously succumbing to the suggestion that since it’s right at your fingertips you don’t need to worry? Have you forgotten how to remember?
    • So, if we care about holiness, we will not allow our memories to atrophy and not permit our concentration to wither. We will focus our eyes on the text and fill our hearts with its store of good things, ready to be brought forth as occasion demands.
    • She has none of my genes in her makeup. She has none of my wife’s either. But she is one hundred percent ours. She has been adopted into our family and is entitled to everything our first daughter, who is biologically ours, possesses. Our “snowflake baby” is just as much our child as our “natural” baby.
    • If, as I believe the Bible clearly teaches, life begins at conception, then these frozen embryos are not research fodder. They are human beings. John Frame puts the matter simply and decisively: “There is no principle of Scripture, science or philosophy that allows us to pinpoint a time between conception and birth at which a human being emerges from something less.” (1)
    • Or, to quote a Casting Crowns song, “We’re sung to sleep by philosophies that save the trees and kill the children.” As with many other things in our country, as this quote indicates, our priorities are usually the exact opposite of the Lord’s. 
    • So let us not look to the government ultimately to raise awareness. Let us hope that people will look around our dinner tables, at our refrigerator pictures, and our trips to the grocery store to see the tangible proof that we Christians are those who are not only aware of the needs of all kinds of orphans, from the unborn to the currently neglected, but that we are actively meeting these needs by adopting them into our own families.  If the government cuts this funding, let our own lives be the living testimony that raises awareness in ways that can never be stopped by a lack of money.
    • Any Age” View
    • Grown Up” View
    • reached the age of twelve
    • at least age eleven before considering him for baptism
    • In fact, the lack of a Sunday School class on an important topic has sometimes inhibited culture change. Without a single, comprehensive body of material that adequately covers a topic, the job of teaching and influencing thinking in the church is left to sermon application that, while helpful, is neither comprehensive nor interactive

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