What I Read Online – 09/28/2011 (p.m.)

29 Sep
    • Carl Trueman on the “Reformed” Church
    • The words of Newton would not be written today because so many times, as Trueman has tirelessly (and thankfully) pointed out, we are a shallow, overfed, silly, and rootless people in the evangelical church. Yes, of course, this happens in the Reformed world – no glass house to protect here. But let us remember that Newton himself was reformed (and cared for the poor and raised a family and…well, you get the picture. His was a holistic ministry without all the modern day neo-social gospel baggage that comes with such a label). In fact, perhaps Reformed theology alone could be the fertile soil for such Biblical reflections in song.
    • The detail in Trinitarian debate was vital. Of course, many Christian believers have a shaky grasp of Trinitarianism; it is a difficult theological area and it is therefore important that those who hold teaching office do grasp this area so that they can bring their members on to maturity in this matter.  Thus, for an evangelical leader to argue that creedal developments on Trinitarianism are of little importance is a fascinating glimpse into the doctrinal make-up of what constitutes contemporary evangelical leadership in the United States as it connects to catholic Christianity and, indeed, any tradition which regards the insights of Nicene Christianity as of importance in the overall transmission and articulation of the identity of Jesus Christ and thus his gospel.

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