What I Read Online – 04/22/2011 (p.m.)

23 Apr
    • Often I am asked about the abstract nature of my works. People see abstraction as esoteric and or evasive, considering “real” art to be works done in a realistic style. My answer to their inquiries tends to be more experiential. I preface my comments by saying “actually we experience abstraction all the time.  Fireworks, sunsets and music (especially Jazz and Classical) are all abstract.” And I add, “my works are not pure abstraction, but they are re-presentation of the mysteries of Reality.”
    • Well, now you have you can engage these resources in a new way.  Christianity Explored has just launched a brand new website, complete with videos and downloadable course materials.
    • The Puritan version of redemptive-historical preaching sees Christ not just at the end of redemptive history, but in it and throughout it. For the Puritans, Christ was not just the last chapter that all the others were setting the scene for, but rather Christ was present from the very first chapter, and in every chapter of redemptive history.
    • Here is Packer’s answer: “Clear sighted persons, seeing this, are tempted to withdraw from churches in something like disgust to pursue a quest for God on their own.” In other words, when someone comes to our church, they look around and wonder, “Do these folks really mean it? Are they going through the motions or is God’s Spirit really at work in their midst?” Religious practices alone is like watered-down glue–worthless!
    • I believe you are a brighter hope
      Than the thickest, blackest night
      I believe you’ve passed through deepest grief
      And know despair without respite
      I believe you are the Living One,
      Who has undone death and sin,
      I believe you died to rescue me,
      And rose, and live again.

      I believe you formed my inmost self
      Created all my days
      I believe you know my secret heart
      And the shame of all my ways
      You shattered death and made me whole
      And now I never walk alone
      I believe you’ll do all you said you’d do
      And will one day take me home.

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