What I Read Online – 10/29/2010 (a.m.)

29 Oct
    • “The Reformation was the greatest revival of Biblical Christianity since the days of the Apostles.”
    • This doctrine became known as Sola FideFaith alone” (justification by faith alone in Christ alone — not by faith and works). The other four points of what we might call the “Five Points of the Reformation” are: Sola ScripturaScripture alone” (the Scripture as the sole ultimate authority for Christian faith and practice — not the Pope, the Church, reason or feelings), Sola GratiaGrace alone” (salvation by God’s grace alone, not human merit), and Solo ChristoChrist alone” (salvation by the mediation and merits of Christ alone, not the intercession of priests nor the merits of saints), and Soli Deo Gloriato God alone be the Glory” (life lived for God’s glory alone).
    • 1. It is a place marked by a humble acknowledgment of our need for God
    • 2. It is a place marked by prayerful seeking for the power of God
    • 3. It is a place marked by the faithful exposition of the word of God
    • 4. It is a place marked by a humble desire to glorify the Son of God.
    • 5. It is a place marked by obedient submission to the Spirit of God
      • Character profiles provide children with a summary of Bible characters that is easy to understand
      • 130 Bible stories in kid-friendly language to accompany the text and illustration
      • A simple dictionary to help young readers learn the meaning of Bible words
      • Key questions to keep children engaged, encouraging them to dig deeper into Scripture
      • Introductions to each book that highlight key themes and verses
      • Complete ESV text so children can grow and mature with their Bible
    • In case you’re straddling the fence about traveling to Chicago for The Gospel Coalition’s 2011 national conference, here’s another incentive: Tim Keller will deliver two talks for “Christ and City: A Post Conference on Renewing Our Cities with the Gospel.” These sessions are free and open to the general public. So if you plan on attending the national conference, which begins Tuesday, April 12, you may want to stick around through the evening of Thursday, April 14.
    • I know what it takes to make a church group awesome. To take an ordinary group and push it over the edge into a pit of awesomeness. And today I’m going to share that knowledge with you. For free. You just won the lottery my friends.
    • Now, some of you are going to say, “Stephen, shouldn’t we be depending on God through prayer instead of relying on all these gimmicks?” Yeah, I suppose you could do that. But don’t complain to me when things aren’t 200% more awesome.

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